The Quantum Theater Podcast is an immersive, transformational journey. It is ALSO a fun way to share behind-the-scenes information and to connect with The Quantum Theater work.

Quantum Theater Podcast Episode 4:

Being Peace with Dr. Karen Kan

Join Joshua as he interviews Dr. Karen Kan, Doctor of Light Medicine™ about Being Peace, and how we can resonate at our highest vibration, as bringers of the Light, so we can create Heaven on Earth.

In this fun and experiential interview, Dr. Karen will walk us through: 

* The mythologies we've grown up with regarding peace, love, war, and hate 

* The role of Sensitive Souls and how Being Peace makes a new and more positive mythology worldwide 

* What to do when the old narrative shows up loudly - when intrusive thoughts are "triggered" by the outside world

* Try creating your own new mythology through "Experience the Peace Emerging Protocol™" (Meditation) Dr. Karen Kan is a Doctor of Light Medicine™, a #1 international bestselling author, visionary, and pioneer in the fields of healing, consciousness, and spirituality.

Her mission is to empower spiritually-conscious people to harness their intuitive, healing, and manifesting Superpowers so that they can reach their highest vibration and help anchor in a brand new reality of love, joy, peace, and harmony for all. As the Founder of the Academy of Light Medicine™, Dr. Karen teaches students her 3-step TOLPAKAN™ Healing Method (TKH) which involves Aligning with the Source of Divine Wisdom,

Asking quality questions through Divine Muscle Testing™, and Activating high vibrational healing frequencies. She is like Yoda® from Star Wars, training you to be a self-healing Jedi Master®. 

Get her #1 award-winning book, Sensitivity Is Your Superpower, and receive $1000 value of free gifts

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Episode 3: Awakening to Truth with Peter Vermeiren

Joshua and Peter discuss the enneagram, emotional fluctuation, enlightenment, and the breath

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Episode 2: The Enneagram and Transformational Content with Josh Coleman

Joshua Brandon Panczer sits down for a chat with the wonderful Josh Coleman, meditation teacher, about how and why the enneagram system works (in comparison to other systems) and the challenges of conveying spiritual principles through language. It just never seems to convey paradox efficiently 😉

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Episode 1: Featuring Katie Barbaro

Katie and Joshua discuss what is actually involved in "accepting what is".
You can learn about Katie's new book at

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